Karlheinz stockhausen - hymnen - Karlheinz Stockhausen

"Dekade 1993-2007"

with Cosima von Bonin,
Sergej Jensen, Michael Krebber and Henrik Olesen

2007, 112 p., 16 colour plates, Owrps., 20 x 16,5 cm
Edition 800

out of print

for tam-tam, 2 microphones, 2 filters with potentiometers (6 players)
MIKROPHONIE II / MICROPHONY II for choir, Hammond organ, 4 ring modulators
Edition with booklet in German (128 pages).......   29 €

Stockhausen Edition no. 10

I was wondering about your earliest memories of music or sound. Is there anything from your childhood that might have filtered down into what you do now?

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Rules of analysis derived from twelve-tone theory do not apply to serialism of the second type: "in particular the ideas, one, that the series is an intervallic sequence, and two, that the rules are consistent" ( Maconie 2005 , 119). Stockhausen, for example, in early serial compositions such as Kreuzspiel and Formel , "advances in unit sections within which a preordained set of pitches is repeatedly reconfigured ... The composer's model for the distributive serial process corresponds to a development of the Zwölftonspiel of Josef Matthias Hauer" ( Maconie 2005 , 56), and Goeyvaerts, in such a work as Nummer 4 ,

La Monte Young - Piano piece for David Tudor #1

The only instruction for this piano piece stipulates that the performer must bring onto stage with them a bale of hay and some water. The performer then has the option to “feed the piano or leave it to eat by itself.” The piece can only be declared over once the piano has been fed, or if the piano decides it isn’t hungry. YES OK LA MONTE YOUNG THAT’S FINE BY US.

Karlheinz Stockhausen - HymnenKarlheinz Stockhausen - HymnenKarlheinz Stockhausen - HymnenKarlheinz Stockhausen - Hymnen